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Benefits of Using a Business Broker To Sell Versus Attempting To Do It Yourself

If you’ve made the decision to sell your business, then there’s a big decision waiting on the horizon; do you sell using a business broker or do it yourself? There are good reasons to do both, but we firmly believe that using a business broker as an intermediary is arguably the best option available for most business owners.

Selling a business is complicated and involves many formal processes and legal assistance to finalize the sale. Many of these processes can be challenging to understand, so it’s worth having a trained professional, like a business broker at Vanguard Resource Group, by your side to help simplify the selling process and expose your business to a wider audience.

Below, our Vanguard Resource Group business brokers cover the main benefits of using a business broker to sell versus doing it yourself.


When you’re looking to sell your San Diego business, it’s a good idea to try and secure a good price for it. If you try to sell it yourself, then there’s a good chance that prospective buyers will likely attempt to offer a very low price that isn’t representative of your business’s true value.

To get the best price for your business, you’ll want to seek the assistance of a local business broker in the San Diego area to help you perform an accurate valuation of your company. They’ll use past business sales data to determine a fair base price for your business. Your finances will also be taken into consideration, such as the assets your business owns.

Business brokers also have strong connections within the business world. This enables you to market your San Diego business to a much broader audience, increasing the chances that you’ll be offered an excellent price for your company. The professional business brokers at Vanguard Resource Group can assist in preventing your company from getting lost in business sales listings and helps to ensure a fast sale.


When selling your business, you may want to obscure information so that potential buyers don’t research more into your company and its circumstances. When attempting to sell your San Diego business yourself, it can be hard to keep this information confidential because your name will be associated with the business.

But if you work with a local business broker like Vanguard Resource Group, they can act as an intermediary to obscure your personal information and your business details. This creates a layer of confidentiality so that your employees, business partners, and competitors won’t know about the sale until to the time is right. It also helps protect your company’s financial information and ensure that the buyer is experienced and qualified to take over your company.

In short, the business brokers at Vanguard Resource Group will not only help market your business to potential buyers, but they’ll also act as your representative. This helps to make negotiations a lot easier and ensures that you don’t need to communicate directly with sellers.

The Process Of Selling A Business


Selling your business involves a lot of marketing because you need to attract qualified prospective buyers. This can involve creating eye-catching copy, professional photographs and videos, and also advertising to the right audiences.

Thanks to their experience in selling companies, business brokers at Vanguard Resource Group understand the most effective ways to get your business noticed. This can include incorporating your reason for selling your business to make it more enticing, or it could be to recast your financials to show the true earnings of your small business.

Attempting to market your business by yourself can be extremely challenging, hence why it’s essential to use the services of a San Diego business broker to expose your company to a larger pool of buyers.


In much the same way that someone would use a real estate agent to buy or sell a home, business brokers help streamline the selling of businesses. The Vanguard Resource Group offers plenty of expertise and convenience that simplifies the sale process, giving you more time to focus on personal responsibilities instead of looking for potential buyers and learning as you go.

If you’re interested in selling your San Diego business, contact us today for more information. With years of experience selling thousands of businesses, we’re confident that our expertise can help you get the most from your business sale and shorten the time it takes to close a deal.

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