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"Your negotiations and follow through were impeccable"
-Richard Ouellette, HAI elite
"This was our third transaction with you and all have been professionally handled"
-Glenn Massimino, Career Management Services
"You were steady as a rock and guided us through to a very successful conclusion."
-John and Lee Anne Metz, Batik Textiles
"Until I lived it myself, I could not fully appreciate the fact that keeping a deal on track was so difficult…You did a great job!"
-George Ottiano, The Maids
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When you work with Vanguard Resource Group, San Diego’s top business broker, you get a long list of benefits that helps your business stand out in a crowd and sell for top dollar.

Selling a business in San Diego at any price is a tough proposition (see “The ODDS”). Today’s business for sale marketplace is crowded with competing business opportunities, so standing out in the crowd to sell your San Diego business is the key to making a successful sale. Our Vanguard Resource Group office, located in San Diego, has been helping you sell your business in San Diego for top dollar since 1989.

Our “secret” is hard work. When we represent a client, we do the hard, detailed work required well in advance of taking the company into the marketplace. We firmly believe that you only have one chance to make a good first impression on a Buyer, and we don’t believe in squandering any opportunity.

Here’s an overview of just some of the things we do on behalf of our client firms:

Develop A Strategic Marketing Plan.

The difference between just going through the motions and really winning is the development of a strategic marketing plan to sell your business. At Vanguard Resource Group we create a specific strategic plan to target the potential Buyers for your business in and out of your industry. We use direct mail marketing to reach potential Buyers in places that you may not have even thought about. We cover the Internet with well-written, concise ads. We communicate with private equity groups (PEGS) all over the world. We work with affiliated offices in the United States and in Europe and South America. We communicate every client offering to the elite membership of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), the Mergers & Acquisition Source (M&A Source) and the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB). As a result, we offer an unmatched marketing program that exposes your business offering to Buyers in every corner of the globe. Our goal is a “bidding war” for your business, ensuring you top dollar in your sale.

Protect Your Confidentiality.

At Vanguard Resource Group we know how important maintaining the confidential nature of your sale is to your business, its employees and suppliers. That means that you can count on us to make all efforts to preserve the confidential nature of your business sale. Our ads or Internet postings are “blind.” Your business’s identity is hidden, and only the facts necessary to generate Buyer interest are presented. Buyers must sign a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, provide a financial disclosure and Buyer Profile and interface with a Vanguard Resource Group Associate before they can obtain your Business Profile.

Create A Professional Business Profile.

The most important tool in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is a Business Profile. Vanguard Resource Group profiles are in a league of their own. Vanguard Resource Group profiles include an executive summary, a description of marketing and operational processes, facilities information and a comprehensive financial overview. The Vanguard Resource Group Business Profile also includes pictures, equipment lists and all of the information necessary for a Buyer to make an informed decision about a business. Both first time buyers and professional buyers like PEGS and public companies have complimented us over the years for our well-documented presentations. They typically tell us that our extensive pre-sale work made their job much easier and facilitated the sale. For us, that’s just doing the job you expect.


The Internet is today’s tool for selling a business fast. Thousands of Buyers can be reached every day through leading Internet sites. Our company subscribes to and advertises on over 30 major sites including these important sites: The International Business Brokers Association; the California Association of Business Brokers; the Mergers and Acquisition Source;;; All California Businesses For Sale; and many more.

Place Print Advertising.

When appropriate, Vanguard Resource Group advertises in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Orange County Register and the North County Times. We also advertise in trade and business publications and in business brokerage and M&A publications to ensure maximum exposure for your business.

Co-Op With Other Business Brokers And M&A Companies.

Many business owners don’t realize that Multiple Listing Services (“M.L.S.”) for businesses are non existent or in their infancy. But while businesses are kept confidential by the lack of an MLS system, all too often they are kept secret from potential Buyers because the listing brokerage or M&A firm is protecting their commission. At Vanguard Resource Group we work with IBBA and CABB business brokers and M&A Source firms to ensure the timely and successful sale of your San Diego business.

Vanguard Resource Group provides client companies with winning representation in the crowded world of businesses for sale. You can depend on us. Call or contact us today. Vanguard Resource Group is #1.

Vanguard Resource Group knows about selling a business in San Diego. VRG has sold over 800 San Diego businesses! If you are asking yourself who can sell my business in San Diego, then contact VRG to sell your business in San Diego.