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Selling A Business

Thinking of selling your business and want to know more? We have helped over 800 Southern California Business owners exit their businesses.

Business Valuations

Selling your San Diego business and need to know the business value? Need a business valuation for a partnership issue? We are experts in valuing San Diego and Southern California businesses.

Buying A Business

Buying a business is an important decision. These tips will help you make the process as easy and stress-free for yourself!

Vanguard Resource Group

Vanguard Resource Group has been San Diego’s leader in private business sales for three decades. Our award-winning office applies a Wall Street approach to selling Main Street businesses. We have sold over 800 businesses in over 75 different industries for a total transaction value exceeding $400MM. We are experts in selling businesses, anything from franchised retail stores to multi-million-dollar manufacturing businesses. Our typical transactions range from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million, but we have done both smaller and much larger transactions. Our business brokerage and valuation services are provided by Certified Business Brokers and Certified Business Intermediaries, two of the top professional designations in our industry. We were previous business owners, just like you, who decided to sell our business decades ago, and we too, hired a business broker to assist in that process. We have walked in your shoes and will provide the level of service and professionalism that you deserve.

We would love to hear from you if you are selling a business, buying a business, or need a business valuation in San Diego County or anywhere in California.

Selling a Business?


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Our Business Selling Process in 21 Steps

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Valuation and Engagement

  • Understand your business, past, present, and future.
  • Collect financial and operational data.
  • Recast the financials to determine true earnings.
  • Review and understand the assets transferring.
  • Determine the market value and deal structure.
  • Review the valuation with the client.
  • Execute a representation agreement.



  • Conduct industry research
  • Client completes a comprehensive questionnaire.
  • Prepare a complete, detailed, and accurate confidential business review.
  • Prepare blind marketing materials or “teasers.”
  • Obtain client approval on all advertising materials.
  • Consider alternative strategies like mailers, industry sources, Private Equity Groups, etc.
  • Write compelling ads and develop a comprehensive advertising strategy


Deal-Making and Closing

  • Require all buyers to complete a buyer profile and sign an NDA.
  • Provide the CBR to qualified buyers and disclose additional information as needed.
  • Facilitate follow-up questions and coordinate seller meetings.
  • Solicit and prepare offers to purchase.
  • Coordinate due diligence upon the execution of an offer.
  • Work to obtain third-party approvals from lenders, landlords, etc.
  • Open and coordinate the escrow process up through closing.



Vanguard Resource Group has successfully represented the buyer and the seller of a thirty-year-old auto parts distribution company. The seller started this business from his garage over 30 years ago. He then grew rapidly and transitioned from a printed catalog company to virtually 100 percent ECommerce over the years. Through its efforts, VRG identified dozens of qualified buyers, presented three offers, and eventually sold the company to an experienced ECommerce executive relocating his family from Orange County, California.

junk king

This business was part of a nationally known franchise brand, and the San Diego location was one of the system’s top-performing franchisees. VRG was engaged to facilitate the business sale and, through its extensive marketing efforts, obtained hundreds of inquiries, seven offers, and one successful closed transaction. While the deal value and the name remain confidential, the deal was valued between $1MM and $5MM.

The Seller lived out of the country and now can enjoy the warm sunny weather and waters in retirement. The buyer, an industry veteran who owned other businesses with similar employees and assets, is now ready to grow the business to new heights.

We wish the seller a happy retirement and the buyer much success. Selling a business in San Diego is not easy, but if you or someone you know is interested in selling their San Diego Business, please contact us!


After over three decades of ownership, the Seller felt it was time to retire and simply their life. Ramona Cafe had become an institution in the small town of Ramona and became famous when it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Vanguard Resource Group was retained to find a buyer who would carry on the tradition of providing high-quality meals and great service at reasonable prices. After extensive marketing, VRG identified a buyer with a strong restaurant background and had even owned a similar diner in Del Mar years before. The buyer purchased both the diner as well as the real estate, which were both pre-approved by an SBA-preferred lender. By purchasing both the business and the real estate, the Buyer was able to lock in their occupancy costs and avoid future escalations related to renting.

Next time you are up in Ramona or on your way to Julian, stop in and have a meal or pick up one of their legendary cinnamon rolls! VRG, the leader in the sale of San Diego businesses, wishes much success to the new owner and a happy retirement to the seller.


These are just a few of the businesses we represent. Each business for sale has a marketing plan that may not include advertisements to the public.
Please contact us with your business search parameters.


Growing Plumbing Company – Drain Repair Niche

San Diego County, California

Nets $366k
Asking $750k

Unique Niche in drain cleaning averaging $250 per service visit. $1.1MM in revenues. Services homeowners and does warranty work for insurance companies.


Solar Installation-Authorized Dealer

San Diego County, California

Nets $266,214
Asking $699k

Successful residential and commercial solar installation company, fully staffed, and major brand authorized dealer. Its always sunny in San Diego!

Picture 2

Branded Hardware Products-Manufacturing & Distribution

Southwest United States

Nets $350,574
Asking $1,295,000

Distributor and Manufacturer of a diverse line of quality hardware products that can be found in almost every garage in the U.S. Product reputation for quality and innovative design has been built over 20+ years with distribution in big box stores and among the largest online retailers. Marketable tradename products are known for quality construction and creative designs. Multiple product lines are available for homeowners, commercial users, and professional mechanics.


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