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Ursack Bear Resistant Bags sold to MMI Textiles

San Diego, CA, United States– Vanguard Resource Group is pleased to announce the successful sale of a Ursack, a leading brand of bear-resistant food storage containers.  Ursack is a well-known manufacturer of specialty food containers known for their strength and lightweight—a key for serious campers and hikers.

Ken Oppeltz, Managing Principal of Vanguard Resource Group, stated “The key and also the challenge to making quality Ursacks was the ability to obtain a consistent supply of Kevlar and Spectra fabric. And that’s exactly why MMI Textiles was such a great buyer. They are second generation, family-owned, fabric company located in Ohio. They knew how to source fabric and also knew the best fabricators to get the product made to proper specifications.” Deal value was in the $1-5MM range.

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